Plan Options

If would like to purchase a meal plan or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, please visit University Housing located on the second floor of Buchanan Hall. If you have a question about the meal plans offered, please call our main office on campus at (337) 482-6179.

Students who reside on campus and have 30 hours or less, are eligible for three different meal plan options: Cajun Performance, Cajun Freedom and Cajun Select. Students with 31+ hours who are residing in Legacy Park have four meal plan options: Cajun Performance, Cajun Freedom, Cajun Select. and Cajun Classic. All of the meal plan options include: Meal Swipes and Declining Balance.

Cajun Performance Plan
12 Meal Swipes + 5 Training Table + 4  Flex Meals
Price: $2,059.00

Cajun Freedom
Unlimited Meal Swipes + 4 Flex Meals + $75 DB
Price: $2,059.00

Cajun Select
14 Meal Swipes + 4 Flex Meals + $250 DB
Price: $1,647.00

Cajun Classic
5 Meal Swipes OR 5 Flex Meals + $300 DB
Price: $895.00

Commuter students will save money by purchasing the Cajun Commuter Meal Plan that is catered to students who do intend on dining at retail dining locations multiple times a week.

Cajun Commuter
9 Meal Swipes per semester + $150 DB
Price: $189.00

Our Cajun Community Meal Plan is designed for our university Faculty and Staff and allow for incentives and variety.

Cajun Community
18 Meal Swipes + $275 DB + Dining Services travel mug and 20% off drip beverages or drip coffee w/ use of mug
Price: $349.00

Additional Declining Balance dollars can be purchased in increments on $25.

Declining Balance Dollars
Available in increments of $25
Price: $25.00